10 Effective Ways To Promote Your Website For Free

You have just finished building your website, and it’s time to share it with the world. A logical question: how to make it so that it will be seen?  To Promote Your Website should not be an expensive operation. Sometimes, it can be completely free.

You’ve probably already seen articles with similar headings that promise to reveal the secret of free promotion. And most likely, the last step in such publications requires paying for some service.
This will not happen here. Today we are going to tell you about 10 really working ways to promote your website that does not require money.

  1. SEO optimization
  2. Email marketing
  3. Blogging
  4. Articles from subject matter experts
  5. Social networks
  6. Online catalogs
  7. Participation in forums
  8. Influencer marketing
  9. Personal signature
  10. Quality

01. Search engine optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most effective ways to promote your website on Google and other search engines. Unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO is completely free; in most cases, the results depend on the quality of the published content, the ease of navigation of the site, and the number of links you get from outside.

In addition, an important part of good SEO is to use certain keywords or phrases on the site, add alternate text to images, and optimize SEO titles and descriptions.

SEO takes time and effort, but to make your life a little easier, I have created the 101 Digital Marketing SEO smartly. It is a completely free tool that guides you through the entire SEO optimization process.

It will also create a detailed checklist with all the elements that need to be optimized for the best search result. WordPress websites are immediately indexed by Google, so you will see your site in search results in a very short time.

02. Electronic mail marketing

Email marketing, which is always at the top of the way to promote, proves its effectiveness over and over again and therefore does not give up. Studies have found that for every dollar spent, the average return is $38.

Sure, anyone can send out a newsletter and get multiple views, but writing well-written and, most importantly, effective writing is almost an art.

Make sure your content is short and to the point, the button is visible, and the content is interesting. The goal is to stand out from the hundreds of other corporate emails. With Salesmanago Email Marketing, you can create and send beautiful emails in minutes.

03. Blogging

10 Effective Ways To Promote Your Website For Free

Blogging is great. And not only because you are reading my blog now, but because its presence improves the site’s ranking in search engines and increases its conversion.

A blog is an excellent place to share your knowledge, tell more about your products, and stay current with the industry. The Elementor Website Builder lets you create a stunning blog that can be connected to your site with just one click.

04. Professional articles

In addition to your own blog posts, you can invite an expert to complement your feed with their posts. This is a popular tactic that benefits both sides. For a blogger, this is an opportunity to expand their audience, start collaborating with a brand and improve their skills.

For you, links to his mother’s resources-a website, social networking, and a fresh look from a person whose opinion you trust.

05. Social networking sites

Companies that use social media as a promotion tool are doing everything right. Use the most suitable platform-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or several at once. Regular interaction with your audience increases customer loyalty and, as a result, their desire to buy your products or services.

Don’t forget about cross-promotion: share your Instagram posts on Twitter or your latest blog post on your Facebook business page. Don’t forget to add icons for the social media accounts you have so that visitors can easily find them.

06 Catalogs on the internet

While most people Google what they are looking for, adding your site to online directories is a good idea. This is another platform (and free) to promote your website. Use such free services as Google or Yandex, and don’t forget about specialized directories in your area.

Participation in forums

A little self-promotion never hurts. Another way to tell people about your site is through forums. In addition to direct self-promotion, you can learn a lot about your audience, current customer requests, and competitors. Alternatively, you can create your own forum using the WordPress Forum to have your own discussion area.

08. Persuasive Marketing

Influence marketing involves making connections with other people in your business category, bloggers, and influencers. Define the goals you want to achieve with blogger posting.

Write a request letter in order to tell him about yourself and your interest. Such placements can be paid or bartered, sometimes free, if your product, service, or project is very popular or has social significance and the blogger himself wants as many people as possible to know about it.

09. Individual signature

Surely you already have a signature, which is automatically placed at the end of every letter that you send. Add your business logo, social media links, and website links to it.

So, everyone who opens your letter will see your brand name again. If you released an update and wrote about it on a blog, then create a banner with the post’s subject, which will stand out and which some of the users will definitely click on.

10. Quality

When creating content to advertise or promote your website, focus on creating high-quality texts and images that will keep up with today’s demands. Attention to detail is one of the most important skills found in successful business people.


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