A Good Squeeze Page Template’s Basic Elements

As a marketer, you’ll employ a squeeze page template to create your ever-important list.

If you’ve been doing internet marketing for any amount of time, you already know that having a list is critical since it allows you to develop and maintain relationships with your clients and future consumers.

The notion of a squeeze page is quite straightforward. In exchange for their contact information, you give something to your target market. To put it another way, if a visitor provides you with his or her name and email address, you will provide him or her with a free sample of your product, a free informational guide, some free training, a free consultation, or whatever else is important enough for him or her to provide you with his or her contact information.

There are four basic aspects that make up a successful squeeze page template. Remember that these are only the foundations of the page; the details must be filled in within each part.

The Tittle is The header functions similarly to the title on your squeeze page. Headings that are a shade of red, such as brick red or bright red, are used on the best-converting squeeze pages. The heading on your page should be larger than the rest of the text and appealing.

Most individuals will decide whether or not to enter their contact information within 8 seconds of viewing your website, so you’ll need to say something that immediately gets the attention of your intended readers. The heading can be preceded by a pre-heading, which is a couple of words that introduce the heading in smaller font and black and white, and followed by a sub-heading, which is also smaller and black and white.

You’ll want to outline the benefits of whatever it is you’re selling your visitor after a brief introduction that describes what you’re offering. These aren’t qualities of your goods or service, but rather the advantages that your visitor will gain if he or she buys it. Instead of writing about how fast the software is, talk about how much time it will save your visitor.

Testimonials Some could argue that these aren’t as crucial on a squeeze page as they are on a sales page, but having at least one can help you and what you’re giving gain credibility.

Form of Inquiry Of course, if you don’t have a form for your visitors to fill out, your squeeze page isn’t a squeeze page. Your auto-responder will provide you with the code for your form.

You might also want to include some wording underneath your form that indicates how you will protect the privacy of the contact information you collect on your form and that it will not be shared with anyone else. Finally, without scrolling down, your complete squeeze page template should be viewable on your screen.

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