Copyright Protection On The Internet: How To Protect Your Site?

Copyright Protection: The Internet is quite a complex space for the use of copyright.

The current laws in different Countries ” On Copyright and Related Rights ” is somewhat limited in the regulation and protection of rights on the Internet.

Although copyright infringement on the Web is a very important issue. Therefore, when creating a website it is important to take care of its protection.

Any web resource is the result of the mental work of people (designers, programmers, content managers, etc.).

Copyright protection

Only plagiarists who steal works and texts from other sites cannot claim protection. And unique sites belong to the objects of intellectual property, which are protected by law from the moment of creation.

In this case, not only the layout and design of the site are subject to protection, but also all content.

There are 2 types of authorship on the Internet:

  1. Full copyright – protects unique design, template, materials.
  2. Copyright of the website content of the site – protects unique texts, interface, and other developments.

How To Register Copyright For A Site And Content?

To register the authorship you need:

  1. Let the developers of your website to include structural elements of copyright . For example, you should enter into an agreement with the designer to order or alienate rights.
  2. The agreement must prescribe all the conditions of cooperation.
  3. If some elements of the structure were developed by third parties, care should be taken that they also fall under the authorship.
  4. Although copyright protection arises automatically when you create a site, you still need to protect yourself. For this:
    • the notary must inspect and certify all pages of the site;
    • deposit texts before publication;
    • register databases and scripts.

Previously, the authorship of the texts could be confirmed using the tool “Original Texts” in google Webmaster, but now it has been disabled. Unfortunately, the Google Search Console does not have such a tool.
To protect the design and content you need to deposit them. You can also do this with everything that is posted on the site (texts, pictures, details).

How To Make A Copyright On The Site?

“On Copyright and Related Rights” clearly describes the format of signing copyright objects:

A person who owns copyright may use a copyright protection mark to notify about his rights. This sign consists of the following elements:

  1. The Latin letter “c” is circled: ©
  2. The name of the copyright holder.
  3. The year of the first publication of the work. »

For example:
© Silahub Technologies, 2016
© Sila Host, 2018
All other forms of recording are incorrect.

We have not found any information about where the fashion to write a range of years came from. Probably so the owners want to show that the site is constantly updated.
In fact, the copyright icon does not directly save save a site from content theft but is indirect protection by telling users who is the author of the material.

What Is Most Commonly Plagiarized?

Most often, copyright protection on the Internet is infringed by copying the following objects:

  1. Resource design/template.
  2. Text.
  3. Audio files.
  4. Videos.
  5. Images (photos, pictures, diagrams, charts, etc.).
  6. Scripts.
  7. Modules, modules.

What Are The Ways To Protect Copyright On-site Content?

High-quality content will always attract plagiarists. You can use the following methods to protect your site:

  1. Prohibit copying (using a special script or plugin).
  2. Lock actions when you right-click.
  3. Ask programmers to encrypt the information.
  4. Add hidden links to text blocks.
  5. Put watermarks on unique images and photos.
  6. Block scripts from copying media files.
  7. Set the copyright icon.

Such measures, although not completely protect your site, but at least increase the protection of the content.

How To Deal With Content Theft?

Illegal copying of content brings many problems to copyright sites. This is bad both from the point of view of search engines and from the point of view of users. The first does not matter who the source, it does not affect the position in the search results. And the second will look at the sites from the TOP search engines, get the necessary information, and complete the search. Therefore, if you find content theft, you urgently need to take the following measures:

  1. Contact the representatives of the plagiarism site
    First of all, try to resolve the situation peacefully. Contact a representative of the site and kindly ask to remove the stolen content or, at least, indicate the source of the article (with a link to your site).
  2. Contact your hosting provider
    If the infringer does not respond to your request, which happens very often – contact the company that provides hosting for their site. This usually works and the resource is removed.
  3. Go to court
    If plagiarists continue to steal content, the last option is to sue them. This is a complex and lengthy process, so think carefully: “Is the game of candles worth it?”.


At present, it is not easy to confirm authorship on the Internet and protect the resource from illegal copying. Therefore, we advise you to study this issue in advance and take care of security at the development stage.

And what ways to protect the site from copying do you know? Share with us in the comments to the article.

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