How To Create Perfect A Landing Page In 60 Min

A landing page is a site where all the information is located on one single page. Hence the other name for the landing page is a one-page website.

Unlike a multi-page site that provides comprehensive information about a company, a landing page is usually focused on a specific purpose. For example, increasing sales or converting potential buyers into leads.

This article will show you how to create a fantastic one-page website in just an hour using the  Landing Page Pluing and Free Templates

Why do you need a landing page?

As we mentioned above, the one-page website has a specific purpose: to entice the user to take some action. For example, make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, go to your online store, and much more. Therefore, at the end of the one-page website, there is often a button with a CTA (call to action).

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Signs of a quality landing page

  • One landing page, one action. Each landing page must lead to one specific action; otherwise, the visitor can get confused, and this will lead to a decrease in conversions. If you want to sell a specific product, conduct a survey, or showcase a new collection, create a separate one-page website for each of these actions.
  • Simplicity and consistency. A website’s design should be minimalistic and easy to navigate. Headings, subheadings, buttons, and design elements should complement each other and not compete for the reader’s attention.
  • A clear guide to action. The one-page site visitor should know what action is required of him and what benefit he will get by performing this action. Therefore, a key element of a landing page is noticeable buttons with striking CTAs (for example, “Buy now” or “Subscribe”).
  • professional look. A site with an outdated design, poor UX, or poor layout is unlikely to inspire trust in potential customers. So make sure your one-page website is in line with current web design trends. Users can create a website from scratch using free templates. They can be easily customized to suit business needs without deep knowledge of web design.

How to create a landing page in an hour.

  1. Select a template.
  2. Come up with a striking headline and add
  3. content.
  4. Think about the visual part.
  5. Choose a domain name.
  6. Examine the links and CTAs.
  7. Improve your SEO.
  8. Put your website online.

1. Select a template.

Browse through the collection of free Wix templates and choose the one that best suits your vision. For example, a dark landing page with contrasting colors and animations, or a classic landing page with a lot of high-tech style blocks.

2. Create an eye-catching headline.

This is the first thing a potential client sees when visiting a landing page, so the headline should grab their attention. The headline text should be straightforward and enticing enough to make the visitor want to continue reading.

3. Add content. Copywriting

should be honest, friendly, and helpful; this is more likely to turn a casual reader into a potential customer.

4. Consider the visual part.

Most users don’t scroll to the bottom of the landing page, so make sure the most important information is concentrated on the cover. Add catchy images or illustrations to your landing page that will create the right mood and complement the website design.

5. Decide on a domain name

A sound and simple domain name is a guarantee that the landing page will be easier to find. We have already written in detail on how to choose a domain name.

6. Include CTA buttons to make sure you give the user as many opportunities to take the desired action as possible.

Place the call-to-action button in all the strategically important places: the cover, the end of the one-page website, and the top menu.

7. Improve your SEO: Insert keywords, add metadata, and an SEO title to move your site to the top of search engine searches. Read more on how to do this in our guide.

8. Make the website public: Congratulations! Now all that is left for you is to drive traffic to your site for better conversions.

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How to increase website traffic

  • Tell subscribers about your landing page in your email newsletter.
  • Share it on social media.
  • Write a blog post.
  • Boost organic traffic with SEO optimization.

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