Google Shopping Benefits (Merchant Center)


Google Merchant Center USA, Canada and other countries (Google Shopping) is a new type of advertising that allows you to show products from the online store in search results. Merchant Center was launched in early 2018, so this niche is not yet filled and is low competitive.

Google shopping Benefits:

  • Your product will stand out in the search, thanks to the photo
  • Your products are in the TOP
  • Instant traffic and sales growth
  • Wide coverage of the target audience
  • Only those products that are available are advertised
  • You can advertise both new and used products

An example of what it looks like in search is

Google Shopping

Google Merchant Center settings for the online furniture store

  1. Checked in at Merchant Center:

    • chose the country;
    • filled in information about the company;
    • recorded the address of the online store;
    • linked a Merchant Center account to Google Adwords.
  2. Formed and downloaded data feed (product information). If the data is incorrect – the product ads will not be displayed. Google supports 2 data feed formats:

    • text (spreadsheets or Google Spreadsheets);
    • XML format.

    Google will notify you which products have been tested and will be displayed:


    Here’s what the data feed looks like:


  3. Created and customized an ad campaign on Google Adwords:

    • set a budget;
    • set up ad serving territory
    • chose the type of bid management – manually;
    • asked which products from the data feed will be advertised.

Advertising campaign results

Here’s what product ads look like:


Google Shopping ads result

  • What is Google Merchant Center? This is an extremely effective tool that allows you to advertise your products on Google.
  •  What is the price for switching to Google Merchant Center advertising? The price varies depending on the competitiveness of the request and the quality of the ads themselves.
  •  How does a commodity company work? In order to understand where and when your advertisement should be displayed, the system uses the product feed from the Merchant Center account
  • What do you need to run such advertising? First of all, the site must meet the requirements of Google’s policy, namely: online payment on the site, the possibility of courier delivery, return of goods and a number of other items that ensure the safety and convenience of the buyer. And also, properly formed feed.

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