How Marketing Automation Helps Business Growth

We recently conducted a massive survey of thousands of visitors to Silahub Technologies’ websites. It turned out that more than 42% of them are more likely to make requests on the website if they receive an automatic message in the form of a mailing list or pop-up. This proves that marketing automation is becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses: it helps to give maximum attention to customers and, as a result, increases sales. In this article, we’ll explore in detail what marketing automation is and how you can benefit from it for your business.

What is marketing automation?

The name speaks for itself. It is a set of tools that automate various routine marketing tasks. As a result, you save time, establish communication with the client, and convert potential buyers into regular ones. You can schedule anything from social media posts to posts on your site. However, automation is most commonly used in email marketing.

For example, you can send a pre-prepared booking confirmation after the customer purchases tickets on the website. Or send a letter after the event with a proposal to evaluate the quality of services. Or use automation in drip marketing to attract new users and drive sales. Salesmanago AutoProcesses offers a wide range of marketing automation options.

All you need to do is select the trigger and action you want—for example, send a welcome email after registering on the site or send an invoice when buying from an online store. By setting the desired settings once, you can save valuable hours of work in the future. Does email marketing take too long? Set up the desired auto-process and Salesmanago will submit it for you.

Where to use marketing automation?

  • online store. After the customer has made a purchase, send them a check or letter of thanks. In addition, you can set up automatic reminders for shoppers who added an item to their cart but never purchased it.
  • Reservations Finished building a website with an online scheduling function? Use auto-processes to build an emotional bond with your customers. For example, if a client has missed a certain number of workouts or classes, send a caring message and ask if everything is okay. Or send a discounted promotional code after he attends a certain number of classes.
  • Activity Organizing a party, conference, or concert? Send automated emails to different customer groups: for example, those who bought a ticket and those who were added to the waiting list.
  • Online forms Set up an automatic greeting for customers who subscribe to your newsletter or blog.
  • Working with the team To streamline workflow, create automated tasks and reminders for employees.
  • Accounts Automatically bill customers with detailed invoices using a dedicated invoice builder.

Helpful Tips for Marketing Automation

  • Think about the customer. Even pre-created and scheduled mailings can be lively, warm, and personal. Show the client that you really care about them: for example, ask how they feel after attending their first yoga class.
  • Set realistic and measurable goals. What do you want to achieve with marketing automation? Maybe boost sales by 20% over the next six months? Or keep 10% more customers than last year? Having clear goals will help you see how well your chosen strategy is performing and, if successful, provide additional motivation.
  • Keep track of auto-process statistics. How often do site visitors use the configured triggers? Who regularly opens your emails and who completely ignores them? What works better mailing lists or social networks? Having detailed statistics on hand makes it easier to direct efforts in the right direction and keep the quality of the content at a high level.

How to Use Salesmanago Auto Processes

Marketing Automation featured in our SALESmanago suite is based on automation rules

Marketing Automation, which is a part of our SALESmanago package, is based on rules that may be programmed. Using these rules, you can automatically respond to contacts in your database who exhibit unusual behavior or have their profile information changed.

Simple activities, such as automated notifications and alerts regarding your prospects’ behavior that are sent straight to your sales team, are made possible through the use of rules and workflows. With the help of workflows, you can execute completely automated, complicated, and advanced marketing campaigns, allowing you to save time and money.

Improve the conversion rate across the whole customer journey by implementing actual omni channel communication strategies. Create an endless number of multivariate scenarios that may be adjusted based on website behavior and transactional data from customers.

Key Features

Create processes that increase the value of your future and current clients. Decide how, when, and where you’ll engage your contacts with material that’s relevant to them.

  • Engage customers anywhere they are using multichannel automation campaigns
  • Create automation rules and define how to react to your customer’s behaviors
  • Design complex, multivariate automation Workflows with simple drag&drop editor
  • Increase sales automatically by reminding customers about products visited or added to the cart
  • Automate how your website will engage visitors with personalized dynamic content
  • Design lead nurturing programs and scoring to warm up your leads for the sales process
  • Run customer activation campaigns with dynamically adjusted offers and discounts
  • Automate the campaigns you had to perform manually on a daily basis

Believe it the Salesmanago MARKETING automation is awesome.


A workflow is a series of automated actions that you can trigger to occur based on a person’s behaviors or contact information. With workflows, you can plan and build a comprehensive marketing campaign including the most advanced processes. Just as in the case of simple automation rules an intuitive wizard allows to create and visualize automation processes.

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