Monitor Your Competitors’ Ads with Anstrex Spy tool

Spy Tool for Push and Native Ads Anstrex is a competitor spy ad tool that was founded in 2016 and allows marketers of all types to uncover advertisers’ secrets, spy on top 15 push notification ads, and 27 native advertising campaigns.

Who Uses Anstrex?
– Brand Advertisers.
– Content Creators.
– Direct Sales Marketers.
– Affiliate Marketers.

15 Push Notification Ad Networks: Adcash, MegaPush, Zeropark, MGID, Adsterra, Admaven, RichPush, AdsKeeper,
Revcontent, DatsPush, Evadav, PropellerAds, EngageYa, Adnow, and Powerinbox.

27 Native Ad Networks: Adblade, Ligatus, Lockerdome, Plista, Outbrain, Google, Gravity, YARPP, Earnify, Adition, Spoutable, Yahoo, Taboola,, mgid, Revcontent, Poplin, Zergnet, Connatix, Twiago, Performance Advertising, Veeseo, Adnow, EngageYa, Ayboll, Dianomi, and Bidtellect.


✓ The vast range of competition spying options.
✓ Expanding geographical reach.
✓ Local and global ads.
✓ Automated tools.
✓ SEO integration.
✓ Save On Marketing.
✓ Quickly Test Any Landing Page.
✓ Learn competitors’ secrets.
✓ Drive More Traffic: Alexa & SimilarWeb integration.
✓ Find Better Offers.
✓ Real-Time Spying on Competition.
✓ Unlimited data about competitors.
✓ Competitor Analysis for Better Performance.
✓ More than 700 pre-created landing pages.


Anstrex offers three pricing plans:

– Anstrex Push: $89.99/mo/user.
– Anstrex Native: $69.99/mo/user.
– Anstrex Dropship: FREE/Month


Spy On Your Competitors' Ads
Spy On Your Competitors’ Ads

With the current pandemic, more people are consuming content than ever before. Content recommendation engines, which have recently seen an increase in traffic, provide an opportunity for advertisers to reach out to and connect with potential customers who will be looking up information on their phones or laptops at work or at home.

This is what makes Native Advertising so appealing: it’s customizable enough to meet your brand’s needs without being intrusive like banner ads; additionally, there’s no risk of causing accidental ad blindness, as you might see with other online advertising methods!

So, without further ado…

There are currently over 35 native advertising platforms available.

Some of these platforms have been listed alphabetically, with no consideration given to preference. Some are more well-known than others, but each has something special to offer advertisers in need.

1. AdvertisementNow

Adnow is one of the world’s most rapidly expanding advertising platforms. They can deliver ads to 114 countries and 980 million unique visitors using their Open RTB technology. They have a monthly impression count of 6 billion and accept payments via PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney, and wire transfers.

To get started with Adnow native ads, you don’t need any technical knowledge or experience. All you need to do is open an account and deposit $20 into your account balance. Then, simply specify how much you want your ads to appear each day and begin driving traffic to your offers.

This network is covered by Anstrex. AdNow native ad example:

2. Adblade

Adblade is an innovative content-style ad platform that allows advertisers to deliver ads to over 300 million monthly unique users via hundreds of top branded sites while maintaining complete brand safety. Adblade’s native advertisements are currently targeted toward users in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

This advertising network provides a winning combination of proprietary and patented ad units that are in high demand by major brands looking for their next big marketing campaign. Their publishers, who are in a unique position, allow AdBlade ads to appear on prominent web pages. Their distinct features, such as instant targeting capabilities or proprietary units known as NewsBullets, make it simple to deliver relevant messages without overburdening visitors.

This network is serviced by Anstrex.

3. AdCash

AdCash is a multi-ad format advertising network that, of course, includes native ads.

They have over 200 million unique visitors per day and deliver a quarter-million conversions for their advertisers. This traffic is made up of exclusive publishers and supply partners. Adcash native ads have a great feature in that they use anti-fraud technology that has saved advertisers more than $12 million in 2020 alone!

The minimum funding required to get started with Adcash is €100 or £100, depending on your location. They accept PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, and credit cards. Advertisers will find it simple to get started with this network because creating an account takes less than 5 minutes.

4. Adkeeper

AdsKeeper is a rapidly expanding advertising company that tailors its native ads to the needs of its advertisers. Since its inception in 2013, the network has collaborated with over 3,000 publishers to help advertisers reach engaged audiences by tailoring content recommendations based on previous interactions.

There are self-service and fully managed campaign options available. Adskeeper Native Ads allows small businesses just starting out to advertise, as well as larger companies looking for professional assistance with online marketing strategies, to do the same. This incredible platform, in fact, delivers 5 billion ad recommendations every day!

This network is serviced by Anstrex.

5. AdupTech is number five.

AdUpTech collaborates with reputable partners so that advertisers can take advantage of the network’s inventory of direct collaborations and programmatic ad space, giving them a flexible option for tapping into traffic sources in today’s dynamic marketplace.

They provide two types of advertising: ARA and AdUp CPC Ads.

AdUp Regio Ads (ARA) is a tool that combines all advertising expertise in four simple steps. This is ideal for local advertising because it allows everyone to get the attention they deserve!

AdupTech Native Advertisements’ next option is CPC ads through their Native Tool. The network uses machine learning to connect campaigns with the best-matching publishers, so the advertiser’s bids are optimized based on your target CPOs – it’s like having an expert on hand 24/7 without paying for one!

This network is serviced by Anstrex.

6. Colombia is ranked sixth.

With this native ad network, you have the greatest possible reach to find and engage the right audience. When your ideal customer has departed, Colombia’s intelligent targeting tools will assist you in quickly reconnecting to remarket your offer.

The network has partnered with over 80 premium publishers worldwide, allowing it to deliver over 15 billion personalized ad recommendations per month. Colombia native ads also have over seven thousand audience buckets, allowing you to target a specific audience.

This network is serviced by Anstrex.

Example of a Colombian native advertisement:

7. Ad content is a network of premium publishers, allowing it to provide the best native ads and content recommendations that encourage purchase intent. The company’s database contains over 66 thousand publishers. native ads are contextually relevant and provide users with a consistent experience on premium content sites. In addition, the company provides a global campaign management platform to assist advertisers in expanding their reach across borders.

This network is serviced by Anstrex.

Example of a native ad:

8. Dianomi

Dianomi is a global team committed to assisting premium brands and publishers with innovative websites in engaging their audiences. They serve over 10.4 billion ads per month, allowing their advertisers to reach over 438 million people worldwide.

The Diamond network excels in the finance and business categories, with over 250 publishers in this category. According to them, this is the most extensive collection of any native network. Furthermore, the majority of this company’s audience is affluent, with readers earning more than $100,000 per year on average.

Source: This network is serviced by Anstrex.

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