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Domain name: Thanks to the Internet, borders have practically disappeared, at least in the online space. The world is getting smaller, distant countries are getting closer, and businesses can quickly grow from local to global.
So that international expansion does not take years, as before, it is enough to create a website-a kind of head office of the company but online. The address of such an office will be the domain name, which is the name by which users can find you on the network.
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A domain name is as much a part of branding as a logo, corporate colors, business cards, packaging, and even social media. When all the elements of a business are tied together, expanding the business and gaining market position from a pressing problem will turn into an easily solvable task.
In this article, we will explain what a domain is, what factors you need to consider when choosing a domain name, how much it costs, and how to register a domain.

What is a domain?

If your site were a home, then the domain name would be its address. In fact, every site in the world is assigned a specific IP address. However, there is a problem: such an address is an unreadable combination of numbers and dots, which cannot be remembered and printed the first time without errors.

Therefore, domain names were created-a clear and familiar set of letters and numbers that are tied to the site’s IP address. All domains live in the Domain Name System (DNS), which is a universal system for assigning addresses to servers and web pages.

Why is a domain important?

  • If a person has never dealt with your company, then the first thing they will pay attention to when they go to the site will be the domain name. A combination of words and numbers that have nothing to do with your brand or specialization is likely to alert the user and go to competitors.
  • How many people remember their best friend’s number? That’s right, a little. And the set of dots and numbers of the IP-address, which leads even to the most beloved site, will not be remembered by anyone. Therefore, choose a simple and memorable domain—users will thank you.
  • Buying your own domain is a necessary step if you plan to start a corporate mail account. This is the one with your brand name after the “@.”
  • Having your own domain affects your SEO performance. This is how Google understands that you are serious and your site can be shown in the search results.

Together, all of the above increases the chances of online success: your website becomes more visible, which creates more business opportunities and, ultimately, more sales. That is why registering your own domain is an important step when creating your own website.

Domain name structure

What are our domains made of? It’s simple: a domain name consists of several parts, of which there can be an infinite number, but in practice, there are only two, sometimes three. Each part, or in other words, a level, is separated from each other by dots. By priority, the domain name is read from right to left.

TLD-Top Level Domain-top level domain refers

to the last part of the domain name as read from left to right, after the last period. Most commonly, it,.ru,.net,.edu,.org, and so on. This level gives the most general description of the business that is available by the domain name.

Generic top-level domains: they have a purpose but no strict criteria. For example,.com are the most popular domains, while. design, pro, indicate a site’s specialization.

Local top-level domains, such,.fr, domains may require services at a given address to be provided in the national language or physically located in the country.

Second Level Domain: Second Level Domain

The second-level domain is the actual “name” of your domain. In many ways, it is a site identifier and therefore should represent your services or products. For example, if you take the domain, then 101 Digital Marketing will be part of the SLD.

What is hosting?

To get a completely professional website, you need not only a domain name but also web hosting.

Hosting is a service offered by a certain company for storing the site and all its content on the server. Thanks to this, your site exists online and becomes visible to users on the Internet. In other words, it appears whenever someone enters your domain name into the search bar.

Most website builders host sites for a fee and also charge extra money to register a domain and connect it to the site.

Namesilo offers more flexible options. They provide each of their user’s options of hosting from the moment they click to the “Buy a domain” button.

How to choose a domain name

In fact, there are not so many rules, but there are several characteristics that will turn a simple domain name into a good domain name.

The simpler, the better. Don’t reinvent the wheel-the domain should be simple enough to pronounce, write, and, most importantly, remember. associated

with the brand. The domain must include the name of the business or its derivatives. Thus, the domain name will not be just a separate element of the business, but a part of the entire corporate identity of the company.

optimized for SEO. If we meet by clothes, then Google by the domain name. Search engines pay attention to it when ranking your site, and the position of your site on the SERP depends on their assessment.

To add some points to your search bot’s attractiveness, include relevant keywords that describe your business. For example, what do you do?, or where is located?

Domain: Check for Availability

Use this search to check if the name you selected is not in use. Just enter the name of interest in the search bar and in a second you will get the result. Then select an extension and buy your domain using a domain registrar like by searching domain finder

If the desired name is already in use, do not rush to get upset-most likely, it is free with another extension, that is, a top-level domain. Try abbreviating the domain name, including keywords, or try another name that works.

How do I buy a domain?

Before you can actually buy a domain, you need to register it. Because your domain is a small piece of real estate on the Internet, it must be registered through a centralized authority: ICANN, the organization that manages domain names and IP addresses.

To do this, you need to purchase your domain through an accredited registrar who is authorized to work with ICANN on your behalf. This way, the registrar will make sure that the domain name you choose is correctly registered and therefore protected. In addition, he will be responsible for managing your domain and keeping track of your renewal.

Choosing a registrar is an important step, so check its reputation as closely as possible. Find out on what terms they work, what services they offer, and whether additional costs may arise or not. In other words, make sure that the registrar is reliable.

We recommend choosing a registrar that also has hosting package so that all aspects related to the domain are collected in one place. Namesilo has over 150 million users who use our ecosystem to operate and manage all of their online domain assets.

Namesilo will provide all of its users with one of the best free SSL certificates in the industry and is a sponsor of Let’s Encrypt’s initiative to spread HTTPS around the world depending on their plans. You get 500 MB of cloud storage for content and 500 MB of bandwidth for free, and the extended limits are available on paid premium plans.

How much does a domain cost?

We come to the most interesting part. The price of a domain name will be highly dependent on a number of different factors, such as:

.com domain extensions are often more expensive for the same domain.

Where do you buy your domain name? Not all registrars have the same prices, let alone follow-up options.

Select conditions: buying a name for one year or several years can also affect the price.

Keyword Popularity: Not all words have the same value. For example, was sold for a whopping $49.7 million, making it the most expensive domain name in history.

Data Protection: All registrants are required to disclose their names and contact information to ICANN, where they are publicly available. Domain confidentiality replaces your personal information with your registrar’s information.

Taking these factors into account, different users will pay different prices depending on the market, demand, and other indicators.

Most domain names cost no more than 1,000 $9.9 per year. However, you will find out the exact price when you decide on a domain and find it through a registrar. If the cost of a domain for a year is significantly higher, then it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons.

By the way, most hosting offers premium plans that include a year of domain use for free. Choose a plan that suits your goals and connect the desired domain name.


So, if you intend to run your business online, a domain is critical, and I strongly advise you to conduct thorough research before purchasing your domain.

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